About Us

First of all thank you for coming to our web site if you can't find what you are looking for then give our friendly staff a call on 01375 391600 and I'm sure we can help you, having been in the kitchen industry for 29 yrs  we can help with the designing of your new kitchen or even pointing you in the right direction for the installation of your new kitchen. All the kitchens we have selected for our web site high of the highest quality with a average life span of 20 yrs plus, you will be glad you bought your new kitchen from Sherringham. 

  • First class quality at affordable prices 
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers 
  • We are located in Essex and deliver anywhere in the U.K 
  • With over 29 yrs experience  
  • Samples delivered to your door 
  • Join our mailing list we have all types of offers all year round 

Our aim is supply a quality kitchen at a realistic price, with hundreds of other kitchen retail companies why should you choose us for your new kitchen, to me this is simple I've been in the industry for so long I know what I'm talking about, lets say a quote from us is £5000.00 and a quote from another company is £4000.00 why should you spend the extra £1000.00 with us, 

  • Lets look at the carcass we sell,  the front edges of ours has a ABS edge which means will not come off over the lifetime of the kitchen.
  • The melamine chipboard used in our carcass is high density Egger, which is double the price of some of the low density chipboard available.  
  • All the doors on our Kitchens are sourced from top quality suppliers in the U.K
  • We try and keep our suppliers to the U.K ensuring jobs stay in this country.
  • We refuse to compromise on quality just for a sale, the kitchen is the hub of the home, and the kitchen must be able to take the strain of family life.